Quick Start

Layered Navigation is a straightforward extension which replaces standard catalog filters immediately after installation. Basically, it's ready to work right out of the box.

However, there are certain elements which are worth your while to get tuned-up.

  1. Layered Navigation needs to be seamlessly integrated to your theme. Visit the General and Highlight section of Configuration, and fit the layered navigation to your theme.


    Do not forget to clean cache after applying any change.
  2. Review the attributes of your products, and set those that you wish to be added to Layered Navigation as Filterable .
  3. Some attributes can have too many options to select. To optimize your navigation, use Links Limit.
  4. You may wish to make navigation more attractive by changing your selection of widgets to images. Use Widget Override feature for that.
  5. Configure additional filters, such as New Arrivals or On Stock using the Additional Filters section of configuration.
  6. You can also make links in Layered Navigation Widgets more SEO-friendly, which will help web-crawlers index your store more effectively.

This should be a good start. Refer to corresponding sections of this manual to know more.