Connection with Sphinx Engine

After Sphinx Engine is installed, you need to connect it to our Search Extension.

Settings are diffenent depending on where you had installed Sphinx - on the same server as store, or on dedicated separate server.

Connect with Sphinx Engine on the same server

  • Go to System -> Search Management -> Settings and proceed to Search Engine Configuration.
  • In field Search Engine select External Sphinx Engine option, and fill the following fields.
    • Sphinx Host - sphinx daemon host. Should be set to localhost in this case.
    • Sphinx Port - sphinx daemon port (any free port).
    • Sphinx Bin Path - if "searchd" is not configured in shell paths on your server, here you need to enter the full path to "searchd" (ex. /usr/local/bin/).
  • Tune up your Search Daemon, using extended options in Additional Configuration subsection.

Connect with Sphinx Engine on another server

To establish a connection with sphinx engine on another server, you need to run sphinx engine with an auto-generated configuration file.

Go to System / Search Management / Settings / Mirasvit Extensions / Sphinx Search.

  • Select another server option and the press button "Generate configuration file".
  • Copy configuration file to the sphinx server (same path to file is required)
  • Start sphinx daemon using command searchd --config <path to config/sphinx.conf>
  • Open a port for connection between servers. You can use a command nc -zv sphinx_server_ip sphinx_server_port to check if port open.
  • Run search reindex in System / Search Management / Search Indexes