Connection with Sphinx Engine

After the Sphinx Engine is installed, you need to connect it to our Search Extension.

Settings are diffenent depending on where you had installed Sphinx - on the same server as a store, or on a dedicated separate server.

Connect with Sphinx Engine on the same server

  1. Go to System -> Search Management -> Settings and proceed to Search Engine Configuration.
  2. In the field Search Engine select External Sphinx Engine option, and fill in the following fields.
    • Sphinx Host - sphinx daemon host. Should be set to localhost in this case.
    • Sphinx Port - sphinx daemon port (any free port).
    • Sphinx Bin Path - if "searchd" is not configured in shell paths on your server, here you need to enter the full path to "searchd" (ex. /usr/local/bin/).
  3. Tune up your Search Daemon, using extended options in Additional Configuration subsection if needed.
  4. Save and click Reset,then Restart Sphinx Daemon. More about this buttons find the Shell Commands.
  5. Run the following command php -f bin/magento indexer:reindex catalogsearch_fulltext to reindex search indexes.

Connect with Sphinx Engine on another server

To establish a connection with sphinx engine on another server, you need to run sphinx engine with an auto-generated configuration file.

Go to System / Search Management / Settings / Mirasvit Extensions / Sphinx Search.

  1. Select another server option and press the button "Generate configuration file".
  2. Copy the configuration file to the sphinx server (same path to file is required)
  3. Start sphinx daemon using command
        searchd --config <path to config/sphinx.conf>
    • Open a port for connection between servers. You can use the below command to check if the port opened:
      nc -zv sphinx_server_ip sphinx_server_port
  4. Run the search reindex in System / Search Management / Search Indexes