Quick Start

Search Ultimate is our most powerful extension which combines all of our best features to enhance the search capabilities of Standard Magento.

It combines several powerful modules, each of which offers you a large set of options:

  1. Core Search Module - contains everything necessary to enhance search and display of its results.
  2. Search Engines
    1. Elasticsearch - extends native Magento Elasticsearch engines.
    2. Sphinx Search - contains an easy and rich interface for the Search Sphinx engine.
    3. MySQL Search - implements search functionality using MySQL database.
  3. Search Autocomplete - allows you to enhance your search by adding suggestions at the customer's fingertips.
  4. Search Spell Correction - allows you to correct on-the-fly customer misspellings, and ensure that virtually any request will be satisfied.

Here is how you can tune up our extension for maximum effectiveness.

  1. Tune-up Core Search Settings. Start by creating Indexes and configuring Search Results.

    After you have created Indexes, it's better to quickly reindex all data. The best way to do it is via console/SSH:

    php -f bin/magento indexer:reindex catalogsearch_fulltext

  2. Consider which search engine you're about to use.

  3. Add to your store Stopwords and Synonyms to enhance search. You can even import them using command-line interface.

  4. Create a set of Landing Pages to create convenient hubs for your most important products.

  5. Enhance your search by creating rules for 'long-tail search' and ordering products at search results.

  6. Configure Autocomplete to provide your customers with useful suggestions and searching tips.

  7. Enable misspell correction to provide customers with results even when they make mistakes.

  8. Analyze your searches with our Reports and build flexible search policies to boost your store capabilities to the top.

Please follow our guide step by step to get the best search result!