Our extension supports multilanguage stores. To translate it, we have used the same logic as default Magento.

All our translation files are in the "/i18n" folder of each sub-module.

i18n files should be located at:

  • vendor/mirasvit/module-name/src/ModuleName/i18n - if installed via composer;
  • app/code/Mirasvit/ModuleName/i18n - if installed manually.

Create a separate .csv file of your language for our extension. The names of all languages can be found with this command:
php -f bin/magento info:language:list

Override the strings in your dictionary file:

"Original line" , "Translated line"

To avoid rewriting the file with the updating of the module, replace the translation file to your theme directory at app/design/frontend/THEME_VENDOR/theme_name/i18n/lg_LG.csv.
Where lg_LG.csv is a translation file in another locale.

To see the changes, run these commands :
php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
php -f bin/magento cache:flush