Advanced Seo Suite

Canonical Rewrite


Mirasvit SEO Suite extension provides you with a mechanism to set a canonical link automatically for all relevant pages on your store, but if you need an exception for certain pages, you can configure canonicals for them manually by using canonical rewrite as described below.

Go to Marketing > Advanced SEO Suite > Canonical Rewrite and click the button Add Canonical Rewrite. In the opened window, enter these settings:

  • Is Active - indicates whether rewrite is active or disabled.
  • Canonical URL - enter the full URL that the canonical should point to.
  • Visible in Store View - Select the store views where the rewrite will be applied.
  • Conditions - in this section, you can specify which page(s) should have a canonical link set in the "Canonical URL" field using either Rule conditions or Regular expression variants
  • Additional - in this section, you have the option of defining additional parameters like Sort Order, which is used for determining which canonical should be applied if the page matches several rules at once (the canonical with the higher "Sort Order" will be used) and Comments for internal use to distinguish one rewrite from others or store-related information.