Advanced Seo Suite

Import/Export Redirects

This extension allows you to import and export redirect rules via the CSV file.

Go to Marketing > Advanced SEO Suite > Redirects. At the right upper buttons list, click the Import/Export Redirects button.


Click on the Example of CSV file to download an example import template. If you open the example, you will see these columns on the first line: url_from, url_to, is_redirect_only_error_page, comments, is_active.


Strarting with the second line, fill in the values according to the header. All of these headers correspond to the fields in which you can see if you have created a new redirect rule.


If you have already correctly created a CSV file, click on the button Browse and select the file. To apply redirects, click the Save button.


To be interpreted correctly, the CSV file needs to be created using UTF-8 encoding and a comma as a field delimiter.