Advanced Seo Suite

Rewrites Management

Rewrites Management allows you to configure meta tags, H1 headers, and SEO descriptions for any store URLs.


All SEO meta tags and descriptions of the rewrited pages are applied only to the current rewrite page URL, and aren't applied to other store pages (child categories, another layered navigation product URL, etc).

Go to Marketing > Advanced SEO Suite > SEO Rewrites. To add a new rewrite, press the button Add Rewrite. Fill in the following fields:

  • Pattern of URL or Action name - pattern of the URL of the page on which you want to change the SEO values. Can be a full action name or a request path; wildcards are allowed. Examples:

  • Title - title of the rewritten store page.

  • SEO description - allows you to add the additional SEO information about a rewritten store page. More detailed information:

    This field is not required, but it can increase Google indexation. A SEO description block will be added in a position where you can configure in "SEO description position" setting. image

  • SEO description position - allows you to determine where the SEO Description block will be displayed on the page. More detailed information:

    You can select one of the below defined options: Buttom of the page, Under Short Description, Under Full Description, or choose the option "Under custom template", that will provide the additional field "Template for adding SEO description", where you can fill in desired template path, for example: < magento_root_folder >/app/code/Magento/Catalog/view/frontend/templates/product/view/additional.phtml . You can determine the necessary template path by temporarily enabling "Template Path hints for StoreFront" from the Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer > Debug Admin Panel section. image

  • Meta Title - meta title of the rewritten store page.
  • Meta Keywords - meta keywords of the rewritten store page.
  • Meta Description - meta description of the rewritten store page.
  • Is Active - indicates whether the rewrite is active or disabled.
  • Visible In - sets the store views for where the SEO Rewrite will be applied.

Click the button Save Rewrite.

You can use variables for all SEO meta tags and descriptions from the list of variables. See List of variables that can be used in templates


Information defined in the SEO Rewrite rule will prevail over meta tags defined in the SEO Templates.