Layered Navigation

HYVA customizations

This section describes additional manual customizations for HYVA-based theme templates in regards to achieving the full compatibility of all features provided by the Mirasvit Layered Navigation extension

Product Attribute Linking

In case you'd like to use the Product Attribute Linking feature in your HYVA theme you need to modify the template file Magento_Catalog/templates/product/view/product-info.phtml in your theme.

Product Attribute Linking before

In this template file find the <div id="product-details"> element
Remove part <?=/* @noEscape */ $attribute['value'] ?: "" ?>
Replace line <?= $escaper->escapeHtml($value) ?> with <?= $value ?>

Product Attribute Linking before


Replacing <?= $escaper->escapeHtml($value) ?> with <?= $escaper->escapeHtml($value, ['a']) ?> is not recommended as $escaper->escapeHtml() will remove all attributes from the <a> tag except the href attribute.