Connecting Elasticsearch Engine

Magento 2 Elasticsearch Extension can work with Elasticsearch Engine installed on the same server as Magento, as well as on the remote server.

Make sure, that you had installed Elastic Search prior to configuring it.


Supported Elastic Search Engine versions are 5.x, 6.x, 7.x.

If you had installed it, and checked, whether it is running, visit System -> Search Management -> Settings -> Search -> Search Engine Configuration subsection.

  1. Set Elastic Search Engine in option Search Engine, and subpanel with connection settings will appear:

    • Elasticsearch Host - Elastic Search host (localhost, or by default).
      It supports http basic authentication for connecting to elasticsearch requiring authentication.
      Add extended syntax: <username>:<password>
    • Elasticsearch Port - Elastic Search Query port (9200 by default).
    • Elasticsearch Index Prefix - prefix for store index. Should be changed if you have multiple magento installations on server, each with respective prefix.
  2. Check correctness of configuration by pressing Check Status button. It should return output, as described in How to check and manage Elastic Search Service subsection.

  3. If parameters are incorrect, use Reset button to return to defaults.

  4. Save configuration, if you sure, that configuration is fine.

The final result should look like below screenshot example:


Make sure you have same engine config as above at the Stores -> Configuration -> CATALOG -> Catalog -> Catalog Search -> Search Engine, it should be set Elastic Search Engine. After configuration saving, you need to run reindex:

  • At System -> Search Management -> Search Indices or
  • Using CLI interface with a command php bin/magento indexer:reindex catalogsearch_fulltext from your store's root directory.