Twitter Application Setup

New Twitter API does not allow to instantly check, whether tweet was actually posted by customer. Instead of that, it allows just to register his intention to make a tweet. So, to ensure, that Twitter points was awarded for actual sharing, we need to check existence of actual Twitter post.

This is when special Twitter App come, which should be registered at Twitter account of given store.

To create one, go to the Twitter Developer Site and log in using your Twitter Account credentials. There, in footer menu proceed to Tools -> Manage Your Apps.

Click on Create New App button and fill the following fields of creation form:

  • Name - unique name of your application.
  • Description - short description.
  • Website - your store's root URL.

Settings, therefore, should look like this example:

Mirasvit Demo Application Setup.

After creating of application, open its properties, and jump to the Keys and Access Tokens tab. There you will see two parameters, needed to bind our extension with your Twitter App:

  • Consumer Key (API Key)
  • Consumer Secret (API Secret)

Copy these keys to the fields of the same name, found at Reward Points -> Settings -> Social Network Settings under Twitter Settings.

Next steps

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