Configuration Settings

All configuration settings are located at Content -> Blog MX -> Settings section, and breaks into following subsections:

  • Appearance - defines blog main page and articles appearance.
  • Display - governs menu display options
  • Search Engine Optimization - defines metadata, that can be used by search crawlers
  • Comments - governs possibility for customers to leave comments
  • Sharing - allows to display social buttons on blog article pages


Option Description
Top Menu Name Defines menu title for Magento 2 Top Link Menu.
Blog Name Defines main header for Blog MX main page (accessed via direct click on Top Link Menu item, or using base URL)
Date Format Defines date format, in which displayed date of blog publishing. It resembles Wordpress date format.


Option Description
Visible Navigation Menu Turns on/off Top Link Menu, defined in previous subsection. After changing this option, purge ALL cache to make changes apply.

Search Engine Optimization

Option Description
Base URL Sets base URL for Blog MX main page.
Base Meta Title Defines meta title for Blog MX main page
Base Meta Description Defines meta description for Blog MX main page
Base Meta Keywords Defines keywords for Blog MX main page.
URL Suffix for Posts Defines default suffix (file extension) for generated Posts pages (.html by default).
URL Suffix for Categories Defines default suffix (file extension) for generated Categories pages (.html by default).


Option Description
Provider Defines current provider for commenting blogs. There are the following options available: Disable comments, Disqus and Facebook.
Disqus Blog Shortname Additional field, displayed only when Disqus provider is selected. Shortname is needed for managing comments. Read more here.


Option Description
Enable AddThis Sharing Buttons Displays social buttons block from AddThis service. By default Facebook, Twitter and Messenger are shown. Read more here.