Follow Up Email

Campaigns Dashboard

A campaign is a central point in our Follow-Up Emails extension. Each campaign is a project which consists of one or more Triggers, each with its own Audience, triggering Event and Emails Chain.

All campaigns are located at Marketing -> Follow-Up Email -> Manage Campaigns and organized in the Dashboard with statistics, quick info, and basic actions. It is shown on the screenshot below:

Campaigns Dashboard

As you can see, the Dashboard consists of two subpanels - top and bottom.

The top is a Cross Overview - an overall statistics hub, where displayed, how all of your campaigns succeeded in general. It breaks into two rows:

  • Campaigns Metrics - is the first row, which displays raw metrics, such as the quantity of Sent emails, Opened messages, Clicked links, created Orders and Review written and approved.
  • Rate Metrics - is the second row, where displayed metrics relative to overall success, such as:
    • Open Rate - is calculated from Sent emails;
    • Click Rate - is calculated from Open Rate;
    • Order Rate - is the rate of placed Orders from Click Rate.
    • Review Rate - is the rate of approved Reviews from Click Rate.

The bottom contains the list of all Campaigns that are defined in your store(s). Each row on this list contains the following information:

Campaign Record

  • Title - name of the Campaign. The green point shows whether current campaigns are active;
  • Short Description - a few words about the current campaign;
  • Assigned Triggers Pane - a list of triggers assigned to this campaign. Each element is a button, which instantly brings you to Trigger edit pane. The green point shows whether it is active;
  • Actions Pane - which contains basic actions:
    • View - allows you to edit a campaign, or view it;
    • Delete - allows you to remove a campaign instantly;
    • Duplicate - creates a precise copy of the current campaign, saving time for creating similar campaigns;
  • Raw Metrics Pane contains all raw performance metrics of the current campaign (see above).


There is a cron job mst_email_clean_history that removes old emails and events. Therefore, campaign statistics are displayed only for a certain period specified in the Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> MIRASVIT EXTENSIONS -> Follow Up Email -> Statistic -> Cleanup Period field.