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All Products Page

This section describes most of the settings that you can use for configuring your All Products Page.

It is located at Stores -> Configuration -> Mirasvit Extensions -> All Products Page section.


This section has basic options that define the behavior of an All Products Page.

Option Description
Enabled Allows you to enable/disable All Products Page.
All Products URL Add URL for your All Products Page. Will use "all" if not configured.
Title Defines title for All Products Page.
Meta Title Defines meta title for All Products Page.
Meta Description Defines meta description for All Products Page.
Show all categories in filter Defines the way the categories will be displayed. If enabled, it will show all categories in the filter. If disabled, it will show only top-level categories.

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SEO For All Products Page

Option Description
Robots meta header for brand pages This directive controls page visibility by search engine's crawlers. There are five available options: Don't change, NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOINDEX, FOLLOW, INDEX, NOFOLLOW, INDEX FOLLOW.

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