Layered Navigation

Configuring Grouped Options

This part of the Layered Navigation extension provides you with the ability to combine attribute options into one filter for layered navigation.

It is located on the Content -> Layered Navigation -> Grouped Options page.

Grouped options

To create a new group, press the Add New Group button and you'll be redirected to the Grouped Options creation page.

Grouped options

Field Description
Is Active Enable/disable current Grouped Options.
Labels Defines a label for Grouped Options for each store.
If the label for a particular store has not been set, the admin area label will be used for that store.
Group Code A key for current Grouped Options that will be used as a value of the attribute
The code should be unique among all Grouped Options.
Position The position of the filter in the navigation bar on the frontend.
Swatch Choose the swatch type of the grouped option.
There are 3 possible swatch types provided:
- None;
- Color;
- Image;
Swatch will be used for grouped options only if the original attribute options have them.
Color Select the color for the current Grouped Options which will be displayed on the frontend.
This field is visible only for the Color swatch type.
File Upload the image that will be used on the frontend in the navigation bar.
This field is only visible for Image swatch type.
Attribute Select the attribute from the dropdown whose options you'd like to combine in one filter.
Options Choose options from the selected attribute to combine in one filter.
This field only visible after the attribute is selected.

Press the Save button to save Grouped Options.

Once Grouped Options is created and active, the options combined in it will be replaced in the navigation bar with one grouped option on each category page even if only one of the combined options is present there.