Product Attributes Navigation Options

Our extension uses SEO Filters for defining possible filters. That extension adds additional options to the product attributes, which are used for building Layered Navigation.

To adjust your attributes for navigation, visit Stores -> Attributes -> Product and select an attribute.

Basic Navigation Options

These are located at the Storefront Properties subsection, and are added to all attributes:

  • Use in Layered Navigation - defines how current attributes should be used in Layered Navigation. There are three possible options:
    • Filterable (with Results) - defines which filter can be used in Navigation, and which results can be displayed and manipulated.
    • Filterable (no Results) - defines, that filter can be used in Navigation, but results can not be manipulated.
    • No - attribute can not be used for Navigation.
  • Use in Search Results Layered Navigation - our extension features additional filters, which can be applied further to already filtered results and combined with them. If this option is set to Yes, then this attribute can be combined.


    This option applies only to enumerable properties, like Dropdown, Multiple Select, Price, and so on.

Overriding Filter Options Display

If a property is enumerable and has a defined set of values, the displaying of each value can be customized. It can be done via a special tab, added to such attributes, and named Layered Navigation.

For each possible value, there are four possible options:

  • Option - name of possible value (read-only property).
  • Image - is the image which should be used instead of widget, defined in the Display options setting in General section.
  • Change original menu text - a label, which will be used instead of the default name, shown in Option field.
  • Whole width image - defines whether the image should be displayed as is (selected), or shrunk to standard proportions (deselected).

By combining these definitions, you can completely override your filter display on the sidebar and create a more attractive appearance.