Ajax Infinite Scroll

The scroll module provides you with the ability to activate the infinite scroll for traversing your catalog.
It works in 2 modes:

  1. Automatic Infinite Scroll automatically loads the next page when the user scrolls down to the bottom of the current page.
  2. Load More Button triggers the next page load by hitting the Load More button.

General Settings

Go to Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extensions > Scroll section.

  • Scroll Mode - defines, the mode used for loading next pages:
    • Disabled - disable scroll functionality.
    • Infinite scroll
    • Load More Button
    • Infinite scroll + Load More Button
    • Load More Button + Infinite scroll
  • Load Previous Page Button Label - if a user opens your site by a direct link which loads the specific category page (using param "p=page_num"), our module shows the Load Previous Page button on top of the catalog to give the user the ability to see the previous pages.
  • Load Next Page Button Label - label for Load More button.
  • Pages limit for the first pagination mode type - set the number of pages which will be loaded by the first pagination mode type. Available only for Infinite scroll + Load More Button and Load More Button + Infinite scroll scroll modes.
  • Product List Selector - our extension uses this selector as the starting point for the initialization of the scroll functionality. The Default Magento block which wraps products has the .products.products-grid or .products.products-list selector (depends on current view mode). However, if your theme uses a custom selector, you should specify it here.