Product Selection Rules

Selection Rule - internal functionality that describes conditions for select appropriate related products.

Go to Marketing > Related Products > Product Selection Rules. You will see the available rules.

You can add a Rule by pressing Add New Rule button. You will see then a Rule edit form, which contains basic data:

General information

  • Internal Name - internal name of the rule.

Products Selection Condition

  • Primary Source - the source of related products. The extension selects related products based on:

    • Whole Catalog - all available products (M and R aren't related)
    • Bought Together (the same Order) - previous orders (M and R were bought in the same order)
    • Also Bought (the same Customer) - previous orders (M and R were bought by the same customer)
    • Also Bought (the same Customer) - visits history (M and R were viewed by the same customer)


    Product M - product based on page:

    • Product View page - current product
    • Shopping Cart page - last added product to the cart
    • Customer Account pages - any of already purchased products

    Product R - possible related product

  • Rule - additional rules to select related products