Advanced Reports

Email Notifications

Our Advanced Reports extension allows you to create rich reports and send them via email as annual documents.

You can create such an email-based report from Reports -> Advanced Reports -> Email Notifications.

How to Create Email Notification

Jump to Reports -> Advanced Reports -> Email Notifications and press theAdd New Email button.

You will be led to the Email Report creation page, which is divided into two subsections:

General information contains basic information about the sending of Email Report:

  • Title - an internal title of an Email Report.
  • Status - whether the Email Notification is active and should be sent.
  • Subject - a topic for the email, which encloses your Reports.
  • Recipient - comma-separated emails of persons who should receive these Reports.
  • Schedule - text-based schedule for sending messages. It uses converted Cron notation.

    A useful manual on it can be found here.


    Send Email Report at 23:59 every day:

    Enter Text: 23:59 every day

    The real schedule is behind it: 59 23 * * *

Body contains one or more rows, each containing a block with extracted and processed data about your store's work.

Each row has the following parameters:

  • Block - this is the name given to the Report or Dashboard block which contains data collection.
  • Date Interval - you can use this field to override the default block data range and force the collection of data for a certain period. Leave empty if you need to insert a report or a block.
  • Rows limit - limits records that are processed while collecting data. It is used primarily to resolve performance issues (for example, having too much data to process at once can make emails get stuck while sending). Leave this section empty to process all data

The body can contain any number of Reports or Dashboard blocks. Therefore, you can automate your reports in a single email.