Advanced Reports


This section describes the most common problems that customers report and how they can be resolved:

I do not want the Advanced Dashboard to be the default startup page

After installing the module, the Advanced Dashboard page will become a default startup page at the admin panel area.


You need to change the startup page in the admin panel settings.
For this, navigate to the Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Admin and change the startup page. For more information, please refer to the official Magento documentation.

No valid keys error

The error No valid keys may appear in the logs or the cron_schedule table as a message for the job_code reports_postcode_update.
Our module, Mirasvit Reports, uses the Google Maps API to download detailed information about the postcodes specified in the orders, so as to make it possible to view the "Sales by Geo-data" report.
This process is executed once each hour and only by cron (in the background).

To access the Google Maps API, we provide keys with the extension. The keys have a daily quote, and once the quote has expired, our module shows this message. This ensures that it does not make an error, but simply reports that today's quote for the keys has expired and will be restored tomorrow.
So you can ignore this error.

How can I translate columns' labels?

The columns' titles are created dynamically, based on the name of the table's field in your database. To translate them, you need to use the column name:

Some of the names do not contain the "Total" or "Average" keywords, so you should translate them without "Total" or "Average" keywords (columns with aggregator sum and avg correspondingly).
To translate "Total" and "Average" keywords, you can use the following strings:
"Average %1", "Average %1"
"Total %1", "Total %1"

My state, province or other location is not highlighted on a map in the Sales by Geo-data report

In some cases, a row showing a particular country's state (province or other regional district) is displayed in a report grid. However, the corresponding part of the map is not highlighted.


In its documentation, Google states that a region code should be written in uppercase ISO-3166-2 compliant format. For example, for Germany, to highlight the state, we can use either its Subdivision Name (Bayern) or a corresponding Code (DE-BY).

For states, our module uses the subdivision names. However, the practice shows that not all correctly formed subdivision names are always visible on a map. If that is true to you, you need to use the appropriate Code instead.

To change the subdivision name to code, you can use the Magento translation mechanism. You can place the string below to your theme's translation file (in admin panel):
"Bayern", "DE-BY"

Then clean the translation cache php bin/magento cache:clean translate and refresh it.