Quick Start

Our Reward Points & Referral Program extension for M2 is a simple, yet powerful extension, that allows customers to build complex reward policies with a minimum efforts. The most of its functions work out-of-box.

However, if you intend to create a complex policy, you will need a fresh quick start to help you build your program.

  1. Reward Policy begins with creation of at least two rules - one for earning points, and one for spending them.

    Important Note: While creating the rule, you should fill in the fields "Rule Name" and "Display Name":

    "Rule Name" is the name for inner usage and will be displayed in your store back end.

    "Display Name" is the rule description for your customers. It will be displayed in the client's account, thus bringing a client the valuable information on the rule (way) to earn (for earning rules) or to spend(for spending rules) the points on your store.

    The main rules of points earning with a client's account are gathered in "My Reward Points" menu, in the "My Points" tab.

    Rules of points earning with the help of social media are displayed in the "My Reward Points" menu, in the "Share & Save" tab.

  2. Earning rules can be defined as one of the following strategies:

    • Product Rule, which allows to earn points for buying specific products;
    • Cart Rule, which allows to earn points for a whole cart subtotal, including shipping and handling fees;
    • Behaviour Rule, which allows to earn points for conducting specific actions (for example, review placement);
    • Custom Behaviour Rule, which allows you to define your own behaviour actions;
  3. Spending rules allows you to define, at which rate points should be spent.

    Important Note: Without at least one such a rule, our extension "does not know", how points should be converted to discount, and our spending block in Cart and Checkout won't display.

  4. You can also define your own notification policy, by creating custom messages at Notification rules, which will appear in customer's account and cart. These messages are poweful tool for promoting your reward policy.

  5. Choose social network buttons, which will appear on your products pages, and use Behaviour Rules to make customers earn for sharing.

  6. Explore extensive conditions in earning, spending and notification rules, to create flexible and powerful reward policy. Our extension can support almost any plan you will develop.

  7. Use Magento's Customer Groups and build with them customer ranks. Then, using our Behaviour Rules action Assign Customer to a Group build milestone rules to uplift customers in ranking system.

  8. Observe rewards statistics frequently with our Reports, that allow you to see - how points are earned and spent daily and by different customers groups, making your Rewards policy flexible and responsive to customer's actions.

  9. Build up your Referral Program and extend your customer base greatly.

This should be a good beginning.

Refer to appropriate sections of our manual to have more info.