RMA Settings

This section describes the most of settings, that you can use for configuring your returns policy, except of Email Notification Settings, which is included in other section:

General Settings

Option Description
Return Address Default Return address of the store. Will be shown in the RMA Packing Slip. See Return Addresses.
Default status for new RMA When the customer creates a new RMA, this option sets the RMA default status.
Default owner for the new RMA Sets the default owner for a new RMA.
Ask customer to confirm shipping If the option is enabled, the customer will be asked to confirm the shipping of the returned items.
Shipping confirmation text Text of the shipping confirmation dialog.
Allow RMA for offline orders If option is enabled, RMA requests will be available for offline orders.
Enable option "This was a gift" This option is useful when your customers buy gifts for their friends. Friends can create an RMA request for a gift and the initial customer will not be notified about such RMA.
Enable integration with Help Desk Allows to integrate RMA requests to the Help Desk system.
Code of "Brand" attribute You can set the code of the brand attribute.
Allow the attachment to upload with extensions Customers will be allowed to upload only those types of files.
Allow the shipping label to upload with extensions Customers will be allowed to upload shipping labels with the specified types of files.
Limit of the attachments size, Mb Customers will not be able to upload files with a size that is greater than this limit.

Customer Account

Option Description
Show RMA section in Customer Account If the option is enabled, the RMA section is displayed in a customer account.
Show RMA for guest customer by order If the option is enabled, the guest customer will only see RMA for the entered order number.
Customers are required to select List option that allows you to choose which basic return parameters (e. q. Reasons, Conditions, Resolutions) shall be submitted by the customer.

RMA Policy

Option Description
Allow for requesting an RMA after order completion, days Number of days after order completion when a customer can create an RMA request.
Allow for requesting an RMA if order has status Sets product's order status(es) which allows a customer to create a RMA request.
Allow RMA for multiple orders If the option is enabled, the module allows for creating an RMA that includes items from two or more orders.
Request only shipped products If the order has only been partially shipped, then only the shipped items will be available for the RMA.
Ask to agree with RMA policy text If option is enabled, RMA policy is shown when customer creates a new RMA. Customer must accept the policy to proceed with the RMA.
CMS block with RMA policy text Sets CMS static block with the text of the RMA policy. To create and manage this block go to the: CMS > Static Blocks

RMA Number

Option Description
Allow a Manual RMA Number If option is enabled, "RMA #" can be changed on backend RMA edit page
Number Format You can specify a custom format for RMA numbers. You can use variables [store], [counter], [order]. For example, you have a format 'RM-[store][counter],' and you'll receive RMAs with the numbers RM-1000001, RM-1000002, RM-1000003, etc. Or format '[order]', you'll receive RMAs with the numbers equal to the original order number.
Reset Counter For Order Allows resetting RMA order numbers for the RMAs created for the next orders.
Start Counter From Initial number of the counter.
Counter Increment Step Counter's increment step.
Counter Length Number of digits in the counter.