Each RMA request proceeds through a set of stages, on which data are gathered, goes communication with customers, and performed some actions. Each of these stages corresponds with Status, which is crucial part of RMA.

By default RMA can have the following statuses:

  • Pending approval - RMA request isn`t reviewed yet. Assigned just after submission, if other not set at RMA -> Settings -> General Settings -> Default status for new RMA.
  • Approved - RMA request is approved. Customer can print the RMA packing slip and ship their items.
  • Package Sent - customer has confirmed sending the RMA items to the store.
  • Rejected - RMA request is rejected.
  • –°losed - RMA request is closed.

Address Status Grid

But sometimes RMA processing can be more complex, so our extension provides customers with ability to create their own Statuses, thus creating their own return processing procedure.

How to create a new status

Go to the Sales > RMA > Statuses. Press the button Add New.

You'll see following fields:

Address Status Edit

General information

  • Title - Title of the new status.
  • Code - Unique internal code for the statuses.
  • Sort Order - sorting order (used for displaying in drop-down menu)
  • Is Active - whether current reason is visible on RMA creation and edit page.
  • Show buttons 'Print RMA Packing Slip' and 'Confirm Shipping' in the customer account - When the RMA request recieves current status, additional buttons Print RMA Packing Slip and Confirm Shipping will be displayed on the customer RMA page.
  • Next Allowed Status - defines which the next status is available for the admin in the RMA order.
  • Show in the frontend progress bar - If enabled - the status is visible on the frontend in the progress bar for the current RMA
  • Main Branch - Used for sorting statuses: if it's possible that RMA appears in several statuses. For example, if RMA in status "Approved" and you can switch to statuses "Return" or "Shipping". Only one status will be shown on the frontend as the next status which has option "Main Branch" = "Yes" or which priority is lower
  • Color - The color for the status in the progress bar in customers account, also in the RMA and status grid.


Assigning a status to a RMA can be accompanied with automated email notification. It can be used for speeding up RMA handling in standard use cases. There's three types of them:

  • Email Notification for customer - Text of email notification for customer.
  • Message for RMA history - Text of the message to the RMA history.
  • Email Notification for administrator - Text of the email notification for the store agent.

To send notification, enter in corresponding field contents of that notification. To disable it - just make it empty and save status.

You can use the following umbrella variables in the notification text:

  • rma
  • order
  • customer
  • status
  • store

You can gain access to their properties and even methods using point operator. For example, if you need to add customer's name - use variable {{var rma.getCustomerEmail()}}.


For example, you can use the following code as notification text:

Dear {{var}},<br><br>

Your Return request has been approved.

{{depend rma.getHasItemsWithResolution(1)}}
You choose to receive your money back, so we will refund the following items:<br><br>
{{block class="Mirasvit\\Rma\\Block\\Rma\\View\\Items" area='frontend' template='Mirasvit_Rma::email/rma/items.phtml' rma=$rma resolution_id=1}}<br><br>

{{depend rma.getHasItemsWithResolution(2)}}
You choose to exchange your product, we will contact you about the following items:<br><br>
{{block class="Mirasvit\\Rma\\Block\\Rma\\View\\Items" area='frontend' template='Mirasvit_Rma::email/rma/items.phtml' rma=$rma resolution_id=2}}

Please, print <a href='{{var rma.guest_print_url}}'>RMA Packing Slip</a>.

Note: You can have different notifications for different stores, but for the same Statuses. To do it, just switch store switcher to desired one, and enter contents to the proper field. It will be saved independently just for selected store.