Manage Synonyms

Synonyms are keywords with the same or similar meaning. All of them are located at System -> Search Management -> Manage Synonyms section.

You can either manually add synonyms, or import them from YAML-formatted file.

Adding New Synonym

  • Go to System -> Search Management -> Manage Synonyms grid and press Add New Synonym button.
  • On creation page, fill the following fields:

    • Term - is the keyword, which customer could enter to the search box, and which will be replaced with keyword
    • Synonyms - comma-separated list of synonyms. It should contain at least one keyword. Each of them should match the following requirements:

      1. It should consist of one word, and only of alphanumeric characters (e. q. without spaces, dashes, slashes and so on).
      2. It should have length, greater than 1 character.

      3. Max length of synonyms list equals 255 symbols.
    • Store View - allows to select, where defined synonyms will be applied.
  • Save record.


Assume, that we have on our stores a set of watches, and need them to be found on "clock" keyword. So we setup Synonym as:

  Term: clock
  Synonyms: watch

Then, if customer issues "clock" query, all watches will be found.

Importing Synonyms

Our extension uses YAML file format for synonyms importing. It should resemble the following format:

    term: [TERM_1]
    synonyms: [SYN_1]
    term: [TERM_2]
    synonyms: [SYN_2]

Name of this file should be equal to your language code in capital case. Codes can be found here, use column 639-1 for that.


Let's create a synonyms file for English locale. Name of such a file would be EN.yaml, and it's content should be:

    term: abiogenesis
    synonyms: autogenesis,autogeny,spontaneous generation
    term: abject
    synonyms: low,miserable,scummy,scurvy,resigned,unhopeful
    term: abjection
    synonyms: abasement,degradation
    term: abjectly
    synonyms: resignedly

To import synonyms, perform the following steps:

  • Place your custom YAML file to [magento_root]/ folder.
  • Go to System -> Search Management -> Manage Synonyms and press Import Synonyms button.
  • Dictionary field defines locale (language), to which synonyms are imported. All dictionaries should exist, and have at least one record, since imported data are appended to existing.
  • Store View defines storeviews, where imported synonyms will be applied.
  • Press Import to import and apply synonyms.