Quick Start

Our extension is simple yet powerful. Once you install it, you can proceed with the creation of your promotional campaigns.

Here are some tips to quickly tackle our key features:

  1. Basic building block are Templates, which contain actual messages, send in emails. Enrich them with Liquid Variables and give them consistent look & feel with Themes.

  2. Create Campaigns to start your promotional service. Each campaign will require at least one Trigger - an action than starts sending emails chain.

    We have a nice set of examples of campaigns and triggers, which will help you master them.

  3. Test your campaign with our build-in simple testing framework.

  4. Analyze Mail Logs and Event Logs and adjust your promotional campaigns for maximum efficiency.

  5. If you need to adjust your service to GDPR, consult our GDPR Tips section.

This should be a good start. Refer to the respective sections of this manual to know more.