Follow Up Email

Managing Themes

Themes are the most generic templates that allow you to have all general elements of your email design (such as headers, styles, and footers) in one place. When designing a template, you can just select a theme and specify the message - the rest will be done by our extension.


To create a new theme, visit Marketing -> Follow Up Email -> Email Designer -> Manage Themes and press the Add Theme button.

The theme consists of the following properties:

  • Name - name of the template.
  • Type - template type. There's two available types: HTML (default) and Text.
  • Template - the basic design template, which will use all subsequent templates.

The Template covers all email areas - including headers, footers and even the main content. These editable areas are defined using special liquid variables:

  • {{ 'header' | area: 'Email header here...' }} - places a header area
  • {{ 'content' | area: 'Email text here...' }} - places a main body area
  • {{ 'footer' | area: 'Email footer here...' }} - places a footer area


Since the template does not have to define all of the areas, we recommend that you use this construction - it will insert an area only if it is defined:

{% if 'content' | area %}
    {{ 'content' | area: 'Email text here...' }}
{% endif %}

If you prefer to use callout-style, use the <?php echo $this->area('header') ?> directive instead.

You can also use Variables and Callouts in your design.

All these parts can be previewed on the Preview Pane in both Desktop and Mobile versions.


You can also change the template area, and have an instant preview without saving. For that, you need to set the Auto-Refresh checkbox at Preview Pane, or press the Refresh button.

Save the theme and proceed with Templates creation.