Managing Form Fields

Form Fields are the most basic component of Gift Registries. Each field defines a parameter, that customer should fill in order to create Gift Registry.

Once fields are defined, they should be combined into larger bricks - sections, and they - in turn - define a Registry creation page.

For example, standard General Information section consists of the following fields:

  • Gift Registry Name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Date
  • Active
  • Visibility
  • Image

Their definitions are located at Customer -> Gift Registry -> Registry Form Fields. There you can also define your own fields.

How to create a Form Field

Go to Customer -> Gift Registry -> Registry Form Fields, and press Add New button. You will be taken to the creation page, which contains the following fields:

  • Title - a title of field. It is store-dependent, so you can have different names (for example, translated) for different storeviews. To create such a store field, use store switcher.
  • Code - an internal code, which will be used in database. Therefore, it should contain only letters, digits and underscore, and it shall be unique.
  • Type - widget type, that will be used for entering and displaying a value of this field. There's five standard types available:
    • Text - regular one-line text field
    • Multi-line text - a text area for entering large texts
    • Date - a date field, with date chooser
    • Checkbox - a checkbox
    • Drop-down list - a combobox drop-down selection menu.
  • Description - a description of this field, which will be shown as hint below the field on creation page
  • Active - whether this field is active and should be displayed.
  • Sort Order - a priority, that field should have within its section.


If you will select Drop-down list type, it will trigger addition field Options list, where you need to enumerate all possible values in value | label, where value is actually stored value of field, and label is how that value should be displayed in drop-down menu.

Example: if possible values are Blue, Black, Red, but should be displayed in Deutsch, then options list would be

   red | Rot
   blue | Blau
   black | Schwarz