Managing Form Sections

Form sections are the building block for Registry creation page, and backend Registry edit page.

Each form section consists of one or more Fields, which are defined in separate grid.

There's four standard form sections, that can be combined to a creation/edition form depending on Event Types:

  • General Information
  • Registrant
  • Co-Registrant
  • Shipping Address

They all are located at Customers -> Gift Registry -> Registry Form Sections grid. You can also create there your own sections.

How to create a Form Section

Go to Customers -> Gift Registry -> Registry Form Sections. You will be taken to the creation dialog page, which consists of the following fiedls:

  • Title - a title of section. It is store-dependent, so you can have different names (for example, translated) for different storeviews. To create such a store field, use store switcher.
  • Sort Order - a priority of this section within the registry creation form.
  • Section Fields - a list of fields, which should consist this section. These fields should not be assigned to other sections.


    If you see this field empty, go to Customers -> Gift Registry -> Registry Form Fields, and either create new, or unassign existing ones.
  • Active - whether this section is active and should be displayed at creation and edition forms.