The module provides a wide range of reports using various tools to analyze and improve sales:

Reports Menu

General sales report. It allows you to see the number of orders, quantity of sold products, net sales, grand total, discounts, returns etc.

The report can contain about 40 columns.

You receive daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / annual reports.

The report describes the full information about store orders.

Hourly sales report. You can detect the hours of which personnel of your shop is overloaded to the maximum extent. This will allow you to plan the working hours as well as perform possible updates in your shop.

Weekly sales report.

The report about customer sale details at your store. Allows to see all required sale information about each customer: amount of orders, refunds, discounts, etc.

The sales report generated over different user groups. Using such tool, you can determine the extent of work efficiency with different user groups.

The report allows you to gain knowledge regarding which coupons are the most favorable in terms of sales volume, and which ones should be elaborated in a better way.

The report shows the use of cart price rules

The report contains information on the distribution of orders at tax rates

The report allows you to define the extent of popularity regarding different payment methods.

The report that reflects sales volumes in different countries achieved during definite periods of time.

Sales Report by store product categories

The report which allows you to make a comparative analysis of new customers (first order) with returning customers (two or more orders) by sales.

The detailed information about each product sale history: number of orders (%), ordered qty, total amount of incomes, etc

Sales Report by store product attributes

Sales Report by store product attribute sets

The report contains all general information and statistics about registered customers

The report contains statistics on abandoned carts. Information can be grouped at different time intervals (day / week / month / quarter / year)

List of abandoned carts with information (date of the creating, customer, coupon (if applied), products)

The detailed information about abandoned products. You will be able to identify the most frequently abandoned products

The module allows you to show reports for all websites and separately for each store view.

You can analyze your product sales on the Chart. Add additional columns to compare next values:

  • Number of Orders - number of product orders
  • Total Qty Ordered - total amount of product orders
  • Qty Refunded - total amount of refunded products
  • Discount Amount - the amount of the discounts for a certain product
  • Shipping Amount - the amount of money paid for Shipping
  • Shipping Tax Amount
  • Tax Amount - the amount of taxes paid for a certain product
  • Tax Refunded
  • Total Refunded - the amount of money refunded for a certain product
  • Subtotal - the order value without shipping costs and taxes
  • Grand Total - total amount of the sales revenue for a selected period
  • Total Invoiced
  • Total Invoiced Cost
  • Gross Margin
  • Grand Total by new customers
  • Grand Total by returning customers
  • Grand Total excl. Tax
  • Gross Profit

The extension allows you to show reports for different Store views, vary report period, compare attributes and values.