How To


How can I make customer earn points from buying specific products

It can be done in two ways - using Product or Cart rules.

If you use Product rule:

  • Jump to Conditions & Actions tab, and add one (or several) conditions as follows:
    • If you need to restrict earning to some product Categories, use Category condition from Product Attributes subsection in drop-down list;
    • If you need to restrict earning to some particular product, use SKU condition from the same subsection;
  • If you need to filter more than one product or category, then use one of following approaches:
    • Change ALL to ANY at master condition If ALL of these conditions are TRUE (this will make rule trigger, when at least one condition applies), and create a number of conditions for each category or product SKU;
    • Place to the condition comma-separated list of values, and select operator is one of instead of is.

If you use Cart rule:

  • If you need to control not only products, but also their quantity:
    • Jump to Conditions tab and add a new condition. In drop-down list select Product subselection. It will produce nested conditions block with a master condition, which filters quantity of products selected;
    • In this nested block set up quantity, that should trigger the rule. If you need to award customer for buying 3 items of some product - then nested block master condition should contain If total quantity equals or greater than 3 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions;
    • Add to this nested block Category, SKU, or other attributes of products, that should trigger the rule - like described for Product rule;
  • If you need just to control product presence in the Cart:
    • Jump to Actions tab, and create a new condition in Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions section;
    • Add appropriate product attributes, that should trigger the rule - as described above.


If you use Cart rule, do not use simultaneously both of described approaches - they will conflict. Create instead two Earning rules - you may also see next case to properly trigger them;

How can I prevent rules from multiply? For example: if there's two rules for products, and customer added to cart both - but only one rule should trigger.

  • Jump to General Information tab and assign to these rules priorities according to product's promotional significance. Say, you have products A and B, and if they both in cart - reward for B should be applied. Rule for product A thus should have priority 20, and for A - 10;
  • Set option Stop further rules processing to Yes. This will prevent rules with same or lower priority from triggering, even if their conditions apply.

How can I set up rule to award both referral customer, and it's referee (e. q. customer, who invited him).

It can not be done via one earning rule, you will need two of them - one for Referral, and the second for Referee.

Rule for Referral can be created this way:

  • Create a new Earning Rule of Behaviour type at Reward Points -> Earning Rule;
  • Jump to the Conditions (or Conditions and Actions) tab, and add new condition. In drop-down list, in Customer section select Is Referral condition and set it to Yes;
  • Add other conditions - for example, if you need to set awards for certain order number, refer to milestone rule case, below in this section;
  • Jump to Actions section, set points to earn, save and activate rule.

Rule for Referee can be created only using Behaviour type of Earning Rule:

  • Create a new Earning Rule of Behaviour type at Reward Points -> Spending Rule, and jump to the Conditions and Actions tab;
  • If you wish to award customer, when referral registers, pick event Referred customer signs up in store;
  • If you wish to award customer, when referral places an order, pick event Order from referred customer;
  • If you also need to award referee for a certain number of order, placed by referral - or make other limitations regarding referral - use conditions from Referral Customer subsection. For example, if you need to award points only for first referral's order, you need Referral: Number of Orders condition;
  • Save and activate rule.

How can I create so-called 'threshold' and 'milestone rule', which will award customer with additional points on reaching sales amount or certain orders number

To award customers with additional points depending of their achievements, you need to use either Cart, or Behaviour rule. Both of them support conditions, that allows checking of customer's properties. Simply add them to the Conditions tab to make rule threshold or milestone.

Here is the list of conditions, that can be used for the most cases:

  • Award only with first order. Use condition - Number of Orders - and set it to 0. It does not applies only to Behaviour rules, which use Customer places an order event - in this case you need to set 1 (because this event triggers after order is placed);
  • Award customer for certain X-th order (say, 10-th). Use the same Number of Orders condition, but it shall be equal to X - 1 (for Customer places an order shall be equal to X);
  • Award customer for reaching certain X points on his balance. Use two conditions Balance points amount - for lower limit, and upper limit (if applies).
  • Award customer for spending X money in store. Use two conditions Lifetime Sales - for lower limit, and upper limit (if applies).

Not only customer overall achievements can be checked, but particular purchase as well. Use for that additional conditions, located under Cart Attributes, for rules of Cart type.

How can I award customer with 'gift' points, that he can use on his first order.

Customer can receive points immediately after registration using only Behaviour rule. Here is how it can be done:

  • Create a Behaviour rule at Reward Points -> Earning points and on Conditions & Actions pick up event Customer signs up in store;
  • Set Customer Earning Style to Give X points to customer, and set points amount to receive;
  • If you wish to suppress frontend notification for this rule, add Signing up event at Reward Points -> Settings -> Display -> Disable Behaviour Notifications;
  • Add other conditions, if you need to - for example, a check for Referral (see case above);
  • Save and activate rule.

This rule will make customer receive points on registration stage, and they can be already spent on first order.