General Settings

General Follow Up Email settings are located at *Marketing -> Follow Up Email -> Settings, and consist of the following sections:


Option Description
Limit number of emails per address Allows you to limit the maximum number of emails sent per address within the specified period.
Send maximum emails Sets maximum number of emails allowed for a specified Period.
Period (hours) Sets the period for the maximum amount of emails, which can be set at Send maximum emails.


Limit the number of emails example:

Send maximum emails  3
Period (hours)       24

If a customer already received 3 emails from you within 24 hours, all other emails during the same 24 hours will be canceled


Option Description
Twitter Url Allows you to add a Twitter url to the trigger emails.
Facebook Url Allows you to add a Facebook url to the trigger emails.

Coupons Information

Follow Up Email extension generates the coupon codes based on the selected shopping cart price rule. Using the settings below you can configure an appearance of the generated coupon code.

Option Description
Code Length Length of the coupon code, excluding prefix, suffix and separators.
Code Prefix Specifies common prefix used for coupon codes generated by Follow Up Email extension.
Code Suffix Specifies common suffix used for coupon codes generated by Follow Up Email extension.
Dash Every X Characters Adds dash character every X symbol to the coupon code.

Test Information

This section governs Sandbox Mode, which can be used for Campaign Testing.

Option Description
Sandbox Mode if option is enabled, all emails will be sent only to the Test Recipient Email.
Test Recipient Email Sets receiving email for trigger emails if Sandbox Mode is enabled.