Follow Up Email

Event Log

This extension allows you to track triggered events at the store.

Go to Marketing > Follow Up Email > Event Log. You will see the following fields:

  • ID - ID of the event.
  • Event - a certain action of a visitor (login, registration, placing an order) or action of a system (change order status, change of price), which can be used as a trigger for emails.
  • Created At - time when the event occurred.
  • Arguments - additional data of the event (uniq_key, customer email, name, quote_id, order_id, store_id, time).
  • Triggers - information about the amount and status of triggers for the current event.
  • Actions - actions on the selected events:
    • Reset & Process - allows you to reset the current event's trigger status and bring it back to the queue.
    • Delete - remove the event from the list.


Click the button Fetch New Events to show new triggered events at the store.