Follow Up Email

Mail Log (Queue)

This extension allows you to track triggered emails.

Go to Marketing > Follow Up Email > Mail Log (Queue). You will see the following fields:

  • ID - ID of the mail
  • Status - current status of the trigger email. You can track emails with these statuses:
    • Ready to go - email is ready to be delivered
    • Sent - email has already been delivered
    • Canceled - email delivery was cancelled
    • Error - error has occured while email was being delivered
    • Missed - email delivery didn't occur
    • Unsubscribed - customer unsubscribed from the email newsletter
  • Trigger - name of the email trigger
  • Scheduled At - time when email was added to the queue
  • Sent At - time when email was delivered to the recipient
  • Recipient Email - customer email
  • Recipient Name - customer name
  • Action - actions on the selected emails in the queue:
    • Cancel - cancel processing of the trigger email in the queue
    • Send - send the trigger email to the Recipient Email (available in the mass actions)
    • Change Status - allows you to change the Status of the trigger email

Click on the triggered email. You will see detailed information about the triggered email in the next tabs: General information, History, Variables.