Follow Up Email

Manage Email Chain

You can create an unlimited number of emails that will be sent after event triggering.

All of them will be displayed on the Emails sub pane at the Trigger pane of the Campaign edit page:

Email Chain Pane

Press Add New Email to add a new email to your Trigger, and you will see an Email adding dialog with the following properties:

  • General
    • Email Template - selects a template, which will be used for emails. Templates for the emails can be defined using Email Designer.
    • Delivery Time Delay - the delay after which a triggered message will be sent. It can be set in days, hours and minutes.


      By default, it will send immediately after a triggering event (0 days 0 hours 0 minutes). You can choose times from as short as one minute to as long as a few years after the trigger's criteria is met.
    • Excluded Weekdays - allows you to select the days of the week when emails won't be sent. Typically, it is on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Coupons - used when an email template supports coupons.
    • Include coupon in email - turns on/off coupon sending.
    • Shopping Cart Price Rule - select shopping cart price rule, dependent on the size of the discount
    • Coupon expires after __ days - fill in the time of the coupon's expiration


      Our extension can generate coupon codes only via the Shopping Cart Rule. Make sure that the option Use Auto Generation is enabled from the selected rule. Otherwise, coupons won't be generated.
  • Cross-sells - used when an email template supports cross-sells products
    • Include cross-sells in email
    • Cross-sells source - select a cross-sells block whose products are added to the email
      1. Cross-sell products
      2. Related products
      3. Upsell products