Follow Up Email

Testing Campaigns

Our extension allows you to test your campaign without starting a real one. Just take the following steps:

  • Go to Marketing -> Follow Up Email -> Manage Campaigns and open the campaign for editing, or directly press the Trigger access button.
  • Select the template which you would like to test, and open it in order to edit.
  • On the top actions ribbon, you will find a Send Test Email button. Press it to start testing.
  • Enter your staging email address and press Send. Send Test Email
  • The Extension then will send an email as if it were part of an email chain.


You can boost testing using Sandbox mode, which can be turned on at Stores -> Configuration -> Follow Up Email -> Test Information.

In this mode, sending emails to actual customers will be suppressed. Instead, all of them will flow directly to the mailbox, set in the Test Recipient Email setting in the section above.


For test emails, the extension will generate test data based on current customers.