Quick Start

Gift Registry comes with a bundle of useful building bricks, that allow you to embrace its full functionality out-of-box.

However, sometimes it is not enough, and you need to build up specific policy for you store.

  1. Firstly, check out default Form Fields, which our extension provides by default, and ensure, that they collect all info you need. Create additional fields, if you need to collect additional data from customers.

  2. Organize and reorganize form fields into Form Sections. They consist of fields, defined above, and will turn into separate sections of Gift Registry creation page. Properly combined fields will make Gift Registry creation quick and logical.

  3. Create events, on which you wish your customer make more orders and exchange with gifts. Typically it is holidays, actions and even promotional campaigns. Collect specific data from customers by assigning to that events additional form sections.

  4. Allow customers to show importance of items, added to their Gift Registries - by creating Priority levels.

  5. Maintain customer's registries connected to your policy, and adjust them just in time.

  6. Customize email notifications, which will be sent to customers.

  7. Tune-up our extensions by adjusting its Settings to your needs.

This should be a good beginning.

Refer to appropriate sections of our manual to have more info.