Help Desk MX


Reports are used in monitoring the statistics of tickets' flow and support quality.

They are divided into two separate menu actions:

  • Refresh Statistics which is used to keep statistics up-to-date, and concentrate data for display.
  • Reports which is used in visualizing data.

These actions can be selected from the menu drop-down in the Customers -> Help Desk MX section.

Reports contain the following metrics:

  • New tickets
  • Changed tickets
  • Solved tickets
  • 1st Reply Time (in hours)
  • Total Responses

The statistics of tickets' flow and support quality

  • If you have not gathered statistics recently, go to Customers -> Help Desk MX and select Refresh Statistics. It will force data gathering, after which you will be redirected to the Reports page that has been updated with current data;
  • Press the button on the top bar to show a chart concerning the following parameters:
    • Hour of Day - shows a current day statistics;
    • Day - shows daily statistics;
    • Week - shows weekly statistics;
    • Month - shows monthly statistics.
    • Year - shows yearly statistics.
    • User Name - shows statistics per staff member.
  • Reports will be automatically refreshed