Help Desk MX

Workflow Rules Examples

  • Automatically assigns a ticket to sales staff members only if the tickets have 'Order' as the subject

    Selects a department and a staff member, who will be responsible for the basic Order questions - say, Jane Doe from the Sales department.

    Event: New ticket created
    Conditions: Subject contains Order

    • Set Department -> Sales
    • Set Owner -> Jane Doe
  • Automatically assigns a ticket, created from email, to a certain department

    Event: New ticket created
    Conditions: Ticket Source (Channel) is Email

    • Set Department: Support
  • Automatically sets a ticket's status to 'In Progress' after the first reply of a support team member

    Event: New Reply from Staff
    Conditions: None

    • Set Status: In Progress
  • Creates a custom manager notification when the tag "Problem" is added to the ticket

    Event: Ticket was changed

    • Tags contains Problem

    Actions: None


    • Send email to other email address: [email protected]
    • Email subject -> 'A problem ticket arrived'
    • Email body -> (your notification message)
  • Change priority to High when it has not been answered for three days

    Event: Check every hour

    • Hours since the Last reply is greater than 72
    • Last Reply Type is the Last Reply of the Customer Actions:
    • Set Priority: High