Help Desk MX

Working Hours

This feature allows you to set a timetable for your store. It is displayed on the Contact Us page in the form of a working hours table.

The Contact Us popup will display only the current status message (open/closed - as defined in particular Schedule).

How to Create Schedule for Working Hours

To create a new schedule, go to the Customers > Help Desk MX > Working Hours backend page. Press the button Add New Schedule. You will see the following settings:

  • Title - the name on the schedule.
  • Working Hours - days of the week and hours for the shedule to be applied.
  • Is Active - whether it is active and should be shown as active.
  • Active From - the date when the schedule will be active.
  • Active To - the date when the schedule stops being active.
  • Stores - sets store view or views where this schedule will apply
  • Sort Order - sorting order for a grid display.
  • Is Holiday - whether it is a timetable for holidays
  • Timezone - in which time zone the scheduled time should be displayed (makes hours adjust respectively to the time zone).
  • Open message - message to be displayed when the store is open.
  • Closed message - message to be displayed when the store is closed.