Reward Points - Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2

Below are examples of script, which may be used for transferring data from Mirasvit Reward Points for Magento 1 to Mirasvit Reward Points for Magento 2.

To use script you need a help of PHP developer. Script may contain bugs and may not transfer all necessary data. So you may need to fit it for your needs.

Our migration scripts provided as examples. Unfortunately, in some cases, the migration requires an additional developer’s workaround to make the migration go smoothly. If you wish our devs make migration to your store, you should buy our migration service:

Click on the name of export script below to download:

How to perform Migration

Follow these steps to correctly perform migration:

  1. Run standard Magento 2 migration, and make sure, that customers and orders were transferred from your M1 store to M2;
  2. Make sure, that Reward Points for Magento 2 is installed on your M2 store.
  3. Modify mirasvit_rewards_m1_export.php script to match your setup. Typically, you just need to change $exportFileName variable for storing exported data (full path is required). Make sure, that this file is not exist.
  4. Place mirasvit_rewards_m1_export.php to the root of your M1 store, and run it either:
    • From browser by opening URL, or
    • From SSH/Console: navigate to your store's root and run command php -f mirasvit_rewards_m1_export.php
  5. If script returned success, file with name, set at $exportFileName, will be created. Transfer it to your workstation.
  6. Run step 2 of Import procedure.
  7. Check migrated data.
  8. When migration is completed, remove migration script.


  • In some cases import script can crush on timeout or memory overloading error (due to large quantities of data). In this case just restart import script by reloading browser page. It will skip previously uploaded data, and proceed from the last unprocessed record.