Blog MX settings

The settings of Blog Mx are located at Content ▸ Blog MX ▸ Settings and are grouped into the following sections:

  • Appearence - basic configuration of the blog appearence in the frontend.
  • Display - additional configurations related to the blog appearence in the frontend.
  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO settings of the module
  • Comments - settings for comments in posts.
  • Sharing - configurations for sharing blog posts via social networks, email, etc.
  • Layout Settings - configurations related to the way pages of the blog will be displayed on the frontend.


  • Top Menu Title - set the title of the blog for the main menu.
  • Blog Name - set the name of the blog that will be displayed on the main page of the blog and in the footer.
  • Date Format - set the way the date will be displayed in the blog pages.


    • F j, Y - March 10, 2001
    • Y-m-d - 2001-03-10
    • D, M j, Y - Sat, Mar 10, 2001

    Read more about accepted date format characters.


  • Visible Navigation Menu - if enabled, the link to the blog will be added to the main menu of the website.
  • Enable excerpts on list page - When enabled, excerpts will be inserted as follows; if there is a tag in the post's content, the excerpt will go until that tag, next if the post has an excerpt that gets used, lastly, the first n characters of the post (as set below) will be displayed.
  • Default Excerpt Character size - set the limit for the number of symbols of the post content to be displayed on the posts list pages.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Base URL - the URL key for the blog (will be visible in the URLs for all blog pages).
  • Base Meta Title - the part of the page meta title that will be added to all blog pages.
  • Base Meta Description - the part of the meta description that will be added to all blog pages.
  • URL Suffix for Posts - the suffix of the URLs for all blog post pages.
  • URL Suffix for Categories - the suffix of the URLs for all blog category pages.


  • Provider - choose the provider for comments or disable them. Currently our extension only supports Facebook comments.


  • Enable AddToAny Sharing Buttons - enable/disable AddToAny buttons.
  • AddToAny Sharing Buttons Code - add the code for AddToAny buttons. You can customize buttons and get the code here

Layout Settings

  • Sort posts by - choose the sorting for posts in all post list pages.
  • Posts per Page - set options for post per page appearence (options for pager toolbar). Comma sepparated values. The default value is 10,20,50.
  • Layout Editor - will redirect you to the Layout Editor to configure layouts of blog pages