Troubleshoot - Advanced Product Feeds

This section describes the most common problems, that customers report, and how they can be resolved:

Blank page when I have navigate to the Catalog > Feeds

Probably, you don't have required library zf1/zend-reflection.

Solution: Please, try to install library through composer:
composer require "zf1/zend-reflection"

I have added category filter by fews categories,

but my feed doesn't contain any product

Such troubles usually happen when you use "CATEGORY IS 1,2,3,4..." condition. It means that only products assigned to ALL of those categories at same time will be exported in the feed.

Solution: Try to change the condition to the "CATEGORY IS ONE OF..." instead and regenerate the feed.

Missing or incorrect required attribute [price]

Try to add currency directly to the price attribute, from the content settings of the feed and regenerate it.

Before: <g:price>{{ product.final_price }}</g:price>
After: <g:price>{{ product.final_price }} EUR</g:price>

Also, you can define currency directly in the Google Merchant Center: image

Missing two out of three attributes [GTIN, Brand, MPN]

It happens when gtin and brand attributes are not provided. Try to create a dynamic attribute with the following statements:
image and use it in the <g:identifier_exists> tag.

Here example how you can use it in the feed: image