Advanced Seo Suite

Seo Audit

This feature is a built-in crawler that checks every page in your store in accordance with SEO requirements and generates reports with the health score of the website and detailed information about issues present on pages of the website. Audit runs on a daily basis (every day a new audit job starts).

Using Seo Audit reports you can easily control the SEO health score of the website and improve it by solving reported issues.

This part of the extension provides you with the following pages to manage the SEO health score of your website:

  • SEO Audit - displays all SEO audit jobs executed on your website seo_audit_jobs

  • Job Details - display detailed information about the selected SEO audit job including the health score and a checklist with aggregated results seo_audit_job seo_audit_issues

  • Issue Details - dynamically generated page whose content depends on which link in the Job Details page was visited. seo_audit_error
    The page always displays the list of URLs for which validations have been performed and the links to detailed information about each URL.
    Additionally, this page can display the list of checks with results for each URL (if the page was visited from the links in the Issue Distribution chart) or a specific check with the result of the check and additional information.
    If you click on the "View URL Details" link - a modal window opens containing the health score for this URL, the list of all checks performed for this URL with additional information, and lists of pages and resources linked to this URL. seo_audit_detail