Troubleshoot - Advanced Seo Suite

This section describes the most common problems, that customers report, and how they can be resolved:

Meta tags were not changed after applyng the SEO template.

Probably, you have enabled option "Use meta tags from categories\products if they are not empty".
It means that our extension will not overwrite meta tags if they are defined.

Wrong templates have been used for products.

When you have few templates which applied to the same product,
you can adjust the priority of the templates by definition of Sort Order in the template settings.
Also, you can use our toolbar to know exactly what template has been applied to the current page.: image image

On the picture, we can see that only SEO Template with id1 has been used for this product and only a meta template has been rewritten.

Some products have URLs like ""

It happens because you don't have the accordance rewriting of URL rewrites table for some products in the native Magento. Check if you have rewrites for this product in the Marketing > SEO & Search > URL Rewrites.
In case some rewrites were missed, you can try to regenerate it with the usage of some 3rd party extension for the regenerating URL rewrites.

Warnings regarding Reviews and AggregateRating attribute may happen when your product
doesn't have any approved review. Warnings with Brand or GTIN attributes may happen when you have not defined any attribute code for that attribute in the settings of the Advanced SEO Suite extension. You can do it from Stores > Configuration > Mirasvit Extension > SEO > SEO Rich Snippets & OpenGraph > Product Page: image