This section contains resolution advices for a most common problems, that you can notice.

How can I disable guest RMA

Currently, our extension does not allow disabling guest RMA form. However, you can do it using manual redirect. Here is what shall be done:

  • Go to Marketing -> SEO & Search -> URL Rewrites and create a new rewrite of Custom type;
  • In Request Path field should be placed Guest RMA request path: /returns/guest/new/
  • Target Path set to 404, and Redirect Type to Permanent (301)
  • Save Rewrite and purge cache.

How can I prevent product from being returned?

  • Go to Catalog -> Products and edit appropriate product.
  • Jump to the RMA subsection, and set option Return Allowed to No.


For Bundled, Grouped and Configurable products, you need not only disable return for 'parent' product, but for associated simple products as well.

How shall I create auto-reply messages to customer

Auto-reply messages in our RMA extension can be implemented in two ways:

  • Using Statuses. In this case automated message will be sent, whenever this particular status is assigned to RMA. You just need to put it to the Email Notification for –°ustomer field.
  • Using Workflow Rule. In this case you need to pick up proper event, add some conditions and when RMA became applicable for that event and conditions - automated message, set in Notifications subsection, will be sent.

How shall I use "Template of Rule Notification" and the "Notification Email for Customer" settings?

Notification Email for Customer is the main template, which is used for sending notification to customer. It is used in following cases:

  • New RMA is created.
  • New staff message is posted to your RMA.
  • Your RMA had changed its status, and automatic message was added.

Template of Rule Notification is the wrapper template for all notifications, that are sent using Workflow Rules.


To make the your custom template properly work as Template of Rule Notification, you shall include to its contents this special variable: {{var email_body | raw}}. It will be replaced with actual message, set in Workflow Rule, at Notifications tab.

How can I customize our notification emails so that they are different depending on the resolution type the customer requested (i.e store credit, refund, etc)?

Our RMA extension allows customer to have in the same RMA items with different return options. However, you can split your email template into parts, which will be included to the final email. Magento 2 provides a special condition block, called {{depend XXX}}, where XXX is boolean-like condition.

Our extension provides three variables, which allow to check presence in current RMA items with certain properties:

  • {{var rma.getHasItemsWithReason(XXX)}} - allows to check, whether RMA has items with Reason, which have ID=XXX.
  • {{var rma.getHasItemsWithCondition(XXX)}} - allows to check, whether RMA has items with Condition, which have ID=XXX.
  • {{var rma.getHasItemsWithResolution(XXX)}} - allows to check, whether RMA has items with Resolution, which have ID=XXX.

Include these variables to {{depend XXX}} block to have different messages for different return options.


Task: have different messages for a different conditions Unopened (ID=1), Opened (ID=2) and Damaged(ID=3).
Solution: add to the email template (in Status, for example) the following code:

    {{depend rma.getHasItemsWithCondition(1)}}
    Your items are unopened, so you can have a replacement. Please, wait for a call from our staff.

    {{depend rma.getHasItemsWithCondition(2)}}
    Your items are opened, so please, allow our specialist to check, whether issue existed before using.

    {{depend rma.getHasItemsWithCondition(3)}}
    Your items are damaged, so we can not do a replacement for you at all.

This approach will work both in auto-replies in Statuses, and in notifications, created by Workflow Rule.