Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate Dashboard is a starting point of our extension, which contains the statistical data of the currently defined affiliate policy results. It consists of two panels - Main and Latest Activity.

Main Dashboard Panel

Main Panel contains the Statistics Ribbon, which holds the following result markings:

  • Active Affiliates - displays the number of customers who have joined your affiliate programs.
  • Visits - quantity of visits that were made through promotional materials, such as Banners, Referral Links and Coupons.
  • Revenue - income that your store has earned in total for the last seven days.
  • Commissions - the amount of money that was earned by your affiliates.
  • Total Affiliates - displays the total quantity of affiliates who have joined your programs.
  • Total Ballance - displays the total sum of commissions not withdrawn by affiliates.
  • Total Withdrawals - displays the total sum of withdrawn commissions.
  • On hold - displays the total amount of held commissions.

The score table of Most Valuable Affiliates is located under this ribbon, which displays the Affiliates that contributed to your store the most. It provides the following information per row:

  • Affiliate - name of Affiliate customer.
  • Total Earning - the total amount of commission, earned by an Affiliate
  • Clicks - the total number of clicks received by promotional material of the Affiliate.


The score position is based on the total earning amount, so if the customer has gotten many clicks but little income - it will be placed into a secondary position.

Latest Activity Panel

This panel is broken into individual cells, each representing a single Transaction, with the most recent at the top. Each cell contains the following information:

  • Date of transaction - Human-readable transaction date displayed at the right side in the bottom.
  • Customer - a highlighted link to the account of a customer that triggered a transaction.
  • Order - if the customer referred to order, its number will be highlighted and turned into a link.
  • Transaction summary - a short description of the transactions.
  • Currency amount -the amount of money earned or withdrawn with the current transaction.

This information is adequate to keep your Affiliate policy at your fingertips.