All transactions are located at Marketing -> Affiliate -> Transactions. Each action which is a part of the Affiliate programs will be recorded as a transaction, and not a single one can be removed. If for some reason the balance of the Affiliate is incorrect, you will need to correct it with a Manual Transaction.

Transaction grid provides the following information:

  • Affiliate - email of customer who has joined your Affiliate policy.
  • Amount - money amount that was involved in the transaction. It can be both positive and negative.
  • Type - type of transaction. There are two types available:
    • Commission - addition to the customer's balance.
    • Withdrawal - transfer from the customer's balance to the external payment system.
  • Description - short description of the transaction.
  • Status - status of the transaction. There can be one the following states of transactions present:
    • On Hold - can appear when the option Commission holding period is enabled (read more here).
    • Completed - the transaction is approved, and changes are applied to the balance.
  • Created At - date of transaction.

How to make Manual Transactions

Go to Marketing -> Affiliate -> Transactions and press the Add New button. You will be brought to the transaction creation page, which contains just three fields:

  • Affiliate - drop-down list of customers who have joined your Affiliate policy. You can select only one per manual transaction.
  • Amount - the amount of money that shall be distributed to the customer.
  • Message - short transaction description.


You can create manual transactions for both positive and negative currency amounts, though in either case, they will be marked as Commission.