Configuration settings

Settings that allow you to tune-up your Affiliate policy are located at Marketing -> Affiliates -> Settings, and is broken into the following sections:


Option Description
Auto Sign Up after creating account If the option is enabled, the affiliate will automatically be signed to the Affiliate program after creating their account.
Approval is required If the option is disabled, the affiliate account will automatically be approved after registration.
Otherwise, you need to manually approve the account at the Marketing > Affiliates > Account.
Links Referral Param An Additional parameter which should be added to the referral links for inclusion to the affiliate policy.
Display affiliate link only for registered affiliates If the option is enabled, all customers will see a link to the affiliate section in their personal account.

Commission Workflow

Option Description
Add commission when the order has obtained status Commission will be applied when order receives the selected status.
Subtract commission when the order has obtained status Commission will be subtracted when order receives the selected status(es). Additional statuses for this and above option can be added at Stores -> Settings -> Order Status.
Subtract commission when credit memo is created If the option is enabled, the commission will be subtracted after creating a credit memo.
Commission holding period (days) Allows you to hold the commission transactions within the defined period.
Sales Commission Lifetime (days) Expiration period for commissions. If the commissions were not withdrawn during this time, they will be burned. By default, commissions expire after 365 days (1 year).
Assign Priority Assignment priority for commissions.
There are two available options: Assign to first referred affiliate and Assign to last referred affiliate.

Withdrawal Workflow

Option Description
Minimum withdrawal amount Sets the affiliate minimum withdrawal amount.
Payment Methods Allows you to turn on/off different services of money transfer to withdraw commissions. Currently supported services: PayPal. Skrill, Other (e. q. customer-defined).


Option Description
Enable Coupon Enables the possibility for affiliates to receive coupons for referring friends. This coupon will be displayed at Promotional Materials of Customer Account, and it's unique for each customer.
Coupon Pattern If the option above is enabled, this option defines regular expression, how these coupons look like. By default, it is AFL-[A-Z]{4} (AFL-UYTR, for example). Read more about regular expressions here.

Email Notification Settings

This section is broken into two collapsible subsections, each of which contains notification settings for Affiliates and Admin Staff. Each option corresponds with an action, on which email notification can be sent, and defines a template that will be used for that email.

If you do not need notification to be sent, set Disable these emails as an appropriate option.

For Affiliates

Option Description
New Account Template for notification on creating an affiliate account.
Account has been approved Template for notification on affiliate account approval.
New Transaction Template for notification on new affiliate transaction completion.
Balance has been updated Template for notification on affiliate balance update.

For Admin

Option Description
New Account Template for admin notification on creating a new affiliate account.
New Withdrawal Request Template for admin notification on the new withdrawal request


Read more on email notification templates at Email Notification Templates section.