Auction for Magento 2

Our Magento Auction plugin effectively bridges the gap between your customers' needs and your inventory by offering a competitive and engaging shopping process. Now you can let your customers feel the adrenaline rush of bidding and foster a dynamic atmosphere that fastens purchase decisions. Automate sales, manage client groups and prices with our tools.

  • Foster active customer participation through competitive bidding
  • Simplify auction management through our single streamlined grid
  • Boost customer loyalty by promoting clients through closed groups

Digital marketplaces often need help with two major challenges. Firstly, the absence of active customer participation often leads to low customer engagement. Secondly, the slow movement of inventory could stagnate business growth and impact profitability.


Our extension is specifically designed to combat these issues. Hosting live product auctions incites urgency and promotes engagement in customer purchase decisions. This process helps sell products faster and can lead to selling them at higher prices.

What does the Magento Auction module do to improve your online store?

revitalize shopping

Injects Excitement into Shopping

The module introduces a dynamic bidding platform, engaging customers and providing a thrilling shopping experience.

enhance client's loyalty

Promotes Customer Loyalty

The auction plugin necessitates user accounts for participation, motivating them to register and stay for future benefits.

improve item rotation

Facilitates Rapid Inventory Rotation

Auctions help to liquidate stocks more quickly and provide an avenue for selling otherwise slow-moving products.

Revitalize your store with our Magento 2 Auction Extension

Auctions create a competitive environment that drives higher sales values for your products. When customers engage in the bidding process, they become emotionally invested in it, resulting in an increased willingness to offer higher bids. According to statistics, emotionally engaged users spend up to two times more, making auctions a powerful tool for increasing a store's revenue. Not to mention that auctions boost the popularity of old and slow-moving items.

Flexible Auction Management

Set precise start and end dates for your auctions, enabling automatic activation and deactivation, ensuring that auctions begin and end seamlessly.

Advanced Pricing Control

Define starting prices, specify minimal increment bidding amounts, and enable automatic bidding for convenience for administrators and customers.

Multistore and Multi-Currency Support

Our module supports international stores with diverse currencies and languages. All bids are converted into the main currency based on exchange rates.

Seamless Email Notifications

Automate email notifications to auction winners and admins. This ensures efficient communication of auction results, enhancing the store's comfort.

Key features of the Product Auction extension for Magento 2

  • Automated Auctions. Shed the hassles of manual monitoring – schedule auctions at your convenience, specify their duration, and the system handles the rest.
  • Adaptive Pricing Models. You can cease total control over your auctions. Set a starting price that aligns with your product's worth and determine minimal increment prices.
  • Proactive Customer Notifications. Maintain communication with customers through timely email notifications, whether to celebrate their auction victory or update them on auction statuses.
  • Customer Account Validation. Promote customer registration on your website by making accounts a prerequisite for participating in auctions, opening doors for effective targeted marketing.
  • Auction Watchlist. Let users monitor auctions that pique their interest through the convenient "add to watchlist" feature to improve their bidding experience and participation rates.
  • Centralized Management. Utilize a single comprehensible grid to manage all active auctions, create new ones, and gain valuable insights into bids, participants, and auction status.
  • Flexible Currency Support. Designed with a global perspective, our auction plugin offers comprehensive multi-store and multi-currency support to attract a wider audience.
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