Auto Invoice for Magento 2

Our Magento 2 Auto Invoice module streamlines your online business operations by automatically generating and managing invoices. This extension eliminates manual efforts, fastens customer service, and enhances operational efficiency. Specifically designed for Magento 2, it seamlessly integrates with your online store, providing effortless control over your invoicing process.

  • Increase efficiency via automatic invoice generation for all store users
  • Improve customer satisfaction by setting up simple, timely notifications
  • Minimize errors using transparent, customizable configurations tools

The process of manually creating, managing, and sending out invoices is a time-consuming task that eCommerce business owners know all too well. It's tedious and prone to human errors, leading to potential delays and discrepancies. Such mishaps can affect customer satisfaction, hamper trust, and directly impact your store's reputation.


Enter Magento 2 Auto Invoice Extension, an automated solution transforming the invoicing and shipping landscape. It ensures a swift, error-free invoicing process and real-time customer notifications. This handy module significantly improves the overall shopping experience at your online store, earning the trust of your customers.

Why is Auto Invoice for Magento 2 module an invaluable addition to your store?

improve operations efficiency

Efficiency Enhancer

An automated process means less time spent on manual labor. By enabling auto-invoice functions, your store can operate faster and more efficiently, saving you precious time to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

boost clients loyalty

Trust Builder

When clients receive their invoices and status updates promptly, they instill a sense of trust and satisfaction. An automatic invoice system helps boost customer trust and loyalty to your store by ensuring real-time alerts.

steamline invoicing process

Error Reducer

Human errors often accompany complicated manual processes. Automating the invoicing process greatly reduces the potential for mistakes, ensuring smoother store operations and increased overall customer satisfaction.

The Magento 2 Auto Invoice & Shipment module is a pathway to heightened efficiency

This module focuses on productivity and the comfort of the clients. You can allow the system to handle the heavy lifting of invoicing and shipment processing. It's more than just a tool – it's a client-business relationship builder. By providing immediate and automatic invoice generation and status updates, you can foster a stronger sense of trust and reliability among your customers.

Swift Invoice Generation

Automating your invoicing process is now unbelievably easy. With our module, the system will take over and generate an invoice as soon as an order is placed. This feature streamlines your invoicing process and ensures greater accuracy and efficiency.

Hassle-free Shipment Handling

Forget about the tedious task of manual shipment generation. Our extension automatically creates a shipment when an order is placed and paid for. This feature greatly accelerates the processing time of orders in your store, boosting users’ comfort.

Flexible Payment Selection

Our module gives you the power to decide. You can enable automatic invoicing with pre-determined templates for specific payment methods based on your business needs. This flexibility allows for a more personalized and client-centric invoicing process.

Reduction in Errors

With predefined conditions for invoice generation, the risk of manual errors is significantly decreased, ensuring accurate billing every time. Your business will be safe from human-made mistakes and retain customers' trust and confidence in your responsibility.

Key features of the Auto Invoice extension for Magento 2

  • Automatic Generation of Invoice. With our module, you can set up Magento 2 generate invoice automatically. It eradicates the need for manual intervention, thus saving time and reducing errors. The invoices generated comply with all standard norms, ensuring a seamless transaction for customers.
  • Customizable Invoice Configurations. Personalize your invoice generation process with a host of customizable configurations. Control all aspects, from specific payment methods to order types, to match your unique business needs. This feature gives you flexibility and control over your invoicing process.
  • Timely Customer Notifications. Ensure that your customers stay updated about their orders with automated email notifications. These emails are sent as soon as the payment is successful, providing immediate confirmation to the buyer. The promptness of notifications elevates the user's comfort.
  • Compatibility with Magento 2. Our auto invoice extension seamlessly integrates with your Magento 2 store. It is designed to work efficiently with the core structure and coding standard that Magento supports, ensuring a smooth invoicing operation. Third-party modules can be easily installed on top of our API.
  • Multiple Payment Methods. We understand that every store has diverse needs. Because of that, our extension supports automatic invoice generation for all available payment methods. It allows you to manage groups of invoice payment methods effectively, simplifying otherwise complicated operations.
  • Automatic Shipment Generation. Along with invoices, our tools enable automatic shipment generation. With this feature, you are reducing manual effort and providing a comprehensive order processing solution. Your clients, on the other hand, receive comprehensive information about their order shipping.
  • Order Status Update. There is no need to update order statuses manually. Once an order is completed, the status is automatically changed to its respective state. This automation reduces administrative burden and ensures clients are informed promptly. Providing transparent information will help in user conversion.
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